Immersive Theatre Sound

punchdrunk-tdmAs suppliers for the some of the largest immersive theatre productions in the UK, Loh Humm Audio are able to supply over 400 loudspeakers to over 200 ways of amplification from over 100 ways of individual tracks of audio.

Loh Humm Audio supplied the equipment and personnel for the critically acclaimed Punchdrunk production of The Drowned Man at the old Royal Mail building in Paddington. Our expertise in installing and managing large scale productions allows designers to concentrate on the sonic landscape of productions.

The affordable packages we have put together allow sound designers to choose from a range of speakers and amplifiers to suit the requirements of the space and production.

In order to simplify the process of ordering equipment and to understand pricing we have split the systems up into packages. If there is additional equipment required then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

8 x Works Studio 3 speakers @ £25 per week
1 x 8 channel amplifier @ £25 per week
1 x Mac Mini with QLab 2 with a licence@ £25 per week
1 x RME Fireface 800 @ £25 per week
Upgrade your Mac Mini to run QLab 3 with a licence for an additional £25 per week
Upgrade your interface to 16 channels for an additional £25 per week
Upgrade the Works Studio 3 speakers to JBL Control 1 Pro speakers for an additional £25 per week
Upgrade your JBL Control 1s to Community Veris 6 or Veris 8 speakers for an additional £25 per week
Upgrade your 8 channel amplifier to higher power to drive the Community Veris range for an additional £25 per week
Add a Tannoy T40 sub bass with amplifier and crossover for £25 per week.
Upgrade your Tannoy T40 to a 2×18” sub bass loudspeakers with amplifier and crossover for £25 per week.

In addition to the equipment listed above we are able to supply BSS and TiMax 2 Soundhub units to control and route audio as desired.

In 2014 we supplied and installed the equipment for Grimm Tales  at the Bargehouse on Southbank which featured many contact microphones and multiple control units which are also available within our hire stock.

The Drowned Man

Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man

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